Things We Have That Are Cool or Whatever, Obs Completely Necessary

Shogun Flame HDMI & SDI monitor/recorder with one 480GB SSD and 2 batteries..: $75/day

DJI Ronin w 2 batteries…$75/day

Astra LED single…$50/day

Joker 800 HMI…$150/day

Teleprompter for an iPad…$55/day…in the DIY spirit, you can make one for yourself and remember, when you DIY, paint it black and it’ll look like the real deal, but not the glass part, don’t paint that.

Varizoom 16’ Track/Tripod Dolly…$60/day…so at first, you’re like, “What, this thing? I doubt it.” But it’s compact and super light, it’s 16 freaking feet and you’re going to have a tripod there anyway, get a dolly shot. It’s so simple.

Varizoom Solo Jib…$92/day

……..What a “day” is: pick up between 2 and 6 PM, stay out the next day, and you’re due by 11 AM the following day.

If you pick up on, say, Monday PM and schedule your return for the next Monday AM, that’s 3.5 days.

Get in touch with your pick up date and time, return date and time, and we’ll email a link to a quote. From that email, you can convert your quote to a reservation and we can hold those items for you. : )