We are looking for gear owners to sub-rent with us. Here's one good reason to sub-rent with Mopac Media... your friends can still borrow your gear but they'll have to bring it back on time and you'll know exactly where it is! Negotiate a sub-rental today by emailing us at


Native Texas woman-owned and operated since 2013, continuously in operation since 1998, our shop works closely with students, micro-budget producers, and documentary filmmakers. Staff at Mopac Media are local freelancers and welcome new-to-the-industry and new-to-town producers. We have always worked with local filmmakers to subrent gear, trying to get the most music and comedy and drama out of plastic tech hell-bound for blink-of-an-eye obsolescence!


I’m June. I own and operate Mopac Media. I managed this tiny gear rental shop from 2004 to 2013 and took over when the founder, Kevin Triplett, went overseas to work. I get a little charge out of having this hidden role in encouraging filmmakers to make the film they really want.