Panasonic WJ-MX20

4-Channel SD Video Mixer


For a live event, the MX-20 is a useful video mixing tool. A straight forward digital video mixer like this will make your life easier for any multi camera application. Try one today! (Added bonus: this mixer strips the Macrovision encoding right off any of the video inputs.)

The MX20 is a digital video mixer with two-buses. You can assign any of the four inputs to either of the two buses and you can do straight cuts, dissolves and wipes between the two buses (with 298 wipe patterns). A slide fader lets you control the transition or you can use an auto-take button with speed controller.

It has digital video effects independently assigned to either bus including luminance and Chroma keying, picture-in-picture, fly-on and tumble effects, scene grab (still) and color correction. It has an independent stereo audio mixer, serial interface and footswitch so you can control auto-takes using your foot.

  • 4 inputs, s-video or composite
  • Choice of composite or S-Video (Y/C) inputs
  • Frame buffer (no gen-lock required – ideal for consumer or professional cameras)
  • Straight cuts or variable-length dissolves/wipes
  • Chroma keyer
  • 4:2:2 signal quality


  • Panasonic MX-20 video mixer
  • 5 RCA-to-BNC adapters
  • Power cord
  • Operators manual
  • Video cables (OPTIONAL)

When using composite and S-Video (Y/C) signals at the same time, the S-Video signals take precedence.

Color correction is global for both video buses and is controlled via the joystick, making it difficult to color correct a single camera. For matching the color of different cameras, use our Proc Amp color corrector.

The Chroma key function is very easy to setup by its