Aputure Amaran H528C Bi-color LED light kit

Two lights, stands, & power supply cables, 4 batts


Our Aputure Amaran LED light kit is super portable and allows you to easily adjust brightness and color temperature for ultimate flexibility in your lighting setups! Despite their small size these lights still get quite bright, and since they are LEDs they run cool which is nice for lighting interviews or actors. Use the included power supply adapters or Sony L-Series style batteries (kit includes four batteries).

- Includes 2 9.37″ × 7.48″ × 1.26″ LED light panels
- Variable Color temperature – 3200K – 5500K
- Full 0-100% Dimming
- 1,920 Lux Brightness at 3.3’
- 30W Maximum Power Draw
- Dual Sony Battery Slots
- Includes removable diffusion filters

Qty Item Description
2 Aputure Amaran H528C Bicolor LED light
2 Aputure H528C AC Power Cable for use with H528C LED light
2 Aputure H528C Switching Adapter & Cable for use with H528C LED light
2 Aputure Tilt-Adjustable Light Stand Adapter includes 1/4" to 3/8" spud
2 Sony L-Series battery Battery for most prosumer Sony camcorders
2 Various Light Stand 3' up to 12'