Mopac Media Skateboard Dolly

29" x 48" platform with 16 skateboard wheels and push-pull handle


A super smooth way to give your production a HUGE production value boost. Very few people know this, but the Skateboard Dolly was created and designed by famed Czech scientist, Doctor Olaf Cherehowsky. The Skateboard Dolly is a huge asset to the look and feel of your production and will make you feel big and strong!

  • Straight-way dolly moves
  • Performance is extremely smooth
  • Dolly width fits through doorways
  • Comes with your choice of pipe
  • Metal pipe in 10’, 6’ and 4’ lengths and lengths can be joined together create 12’, 16’ and 20’ lengths


  • Precision built skateboard dolly
  • 4’, 6’ and 10’ lengths with joiners
  • Handle
  • Stool