Canon FTb 35mm Film SLR

35mm film still camera for FD mount lens


The Canon FTb is a 35 mm single-lens reflex camera manufactured by Canon. It features a Canon FD lens mount, and is also compatible with Canon’s earlier FL-mount lenses in stop-down metering mode.

  • Self Timer: Yes
  • Metering Type: Spot
  • Focusing System/Method (Camera): Manual
  • Camera Format Type: 24mm X 36mm
  • Exposure Control Modes: Fully Manual
  • Shutter Speed Range: 1 to 1/1000th second and B
  • ASA Meter Range: 25 to 1600
  • EV or Meter Sensitivity Range: 2.5 to 18 ISO 100 for f1.4
  • Viewfinder Information: Exposure Plus/Minus Needle
  • Weight: 1lb 10oz (740g)