Generally, we observe business hours of 10-6 Monday-Friday and 11-4 Saturday; though we are always here, we're primarily meeting with clients by appointment during a re-organization. Please do not hesitate to call or text after-hours in an on-set emergency, however.

Email if you have an extensive list of gear to request a quote or reservation.

If you're at a loss starting out on a project and could use some direction, hire us to produce, or just get in touch and we'll gladly refer you to resources and give you some creative ideas you may need as alternatives to how it's usually done. Email us. We never mind directing filmmakers to resources that best fit their needs. With one exception (haven't met them, but highly disapprove), we enjoy good relationships with the other houses in town. It's helpful to understand the niche each fills. We find the houses here are all "honest", and accommodating, but your project should work with the house that can best serve your needs and budget. You can build a good relationship with all of them, as you become familiar with the people working there, and as you understand the process. Purely lighting and grip needs? Call our pals at Olden Lighting. Higher end gear, lenses, monitors? Call Omega Broadcast. On the way back, there is a great Indian Restaurant. Higher end gear and 2 ton grip truck, a truck mounted crane? Call MP&E. Call Miscellaneous Rentals for all the things you need for location shooting like tents, and so on-woman-run, and highly regarded! Protape will transfer any media to the format you'd like. Texas Media Systems will arrange a lease/purchase of Canon gear, and they rent gear. MPS--high end gear and every year they invite me to Octoberfest. Why refer you to others? I love my niche, that's the clientele I wish to serve.

Native Texan (not proud of it, but there it is), and woman-owned (it happens) since 2013, continuously in operation since 1998, Mopac Media works in a cooperative fashion to rent gear largely belonging to other local filmmakers. We primarily work with documentary filmmakers, students, persons forced at work into 'content creation' --which wasn't actually any part of their original job description--, long-time clients independently producing projects at all levels, cool out-of-towners, and at full price, corporate clients if they are not annoying. Making an appointment to visit in advance of a rental allows you to rig everything to familiarize yourself with operation, to discover any compatibility issues, to update firmware if necessary, to collect any cables or adapters you might need, to realize something in the plan that may need to be altered....Corporate clients absolutely pay full rate as posted on the website. Others working on long-term projects with repeat rentals, or worthy yet underfunded projects, may negotiate rates. We are the most flexible house in town, and therefore tolerate no abuse, and do frequently fire clients because if works sucks, you should take it out on the source, and probably leave the country. Cheers, y'all.


6400 Arnold Drive, Austin, TX 78723


Student discount is 10%. First-time renters: request a 15% discount. Ask about referral, repeat rental, and documentary project discounts. Would you like for us to match a rate? Get a quote for the time period including pick up and return dates and times and exact gear with all accessories you need. Some places have a wonky 1st day, followed by 75% following day, then a 25% day, so hmm...why? Perhaps they're dicks. We don't know. We have the same calculations as always; after the first day, each additional day is a half day. A "day" is picking up one afternoon, working the following day through and returning the morning after. Picking up Monday afternoon, returning Friday morning counts as 2 days.
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