The Software

Mopac Media relies on scheduling software built by Kevin Triplett. It’s Ruby-based and pretty great. We track almost every aspect of the business through the software, including commissions to 3rd party owners renting their gear through the shop.

We are constantly tweaking it, adjusting inventory and the parameters for reports, for fun, sigh, working on the interface….considering lease-ability of the software and making scheduling of gear practical for multiple locations. Because June has always hated waiting, she encourages Kevin to consider leasing the software to film and music festivals…wouldn’t it be great to send in a request for the shows you want to see and the optimum times for you to see them and for that to influence the programming of a festival as attendees are purchasing their tickets? Yes. Nothing’s ever perfectr, so sure, you’ll still sometimes end up having to choose between 2 shows you didn’t want to have to choose between and wait in line to see that…late-breaking mustn’t miss…but look this is the first world, quit griping, it’s progress and it’s all we can do before the robots take over. (The robots are going to create a lot of work, don’t worry.) Actually, sharing gear, sharing tools, it’s less consumer junk to duplicate and who needs a light kit as their coffee table? Anyway.

If you see something that doesn’t look right or isn’t working the way you think it should, please email us at We want to make the site the best experience we can

…and if you happen to be a developer or a fan of open source, check out Kev’s brief documentary about one of the wildly creative types that made Ruby on Rails so much fun for other developers…“Two Cartoon Foxes: Remembering Why the Lucky Stiff” at