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Trailer or Truck?

What size grip package would work for you?

The coolest thing would be a VIA Motors truck with a handy outlet on its backside to silently power your production. And, right, there isn't enough money for a fleet of hybrid trucks (or one), so maybe we'll go with a trailer.
Cooperative News
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Mopac Media was started in 1998 by Kevin Triplett when he began work on his documentary on singer-songwriter legend BLAZE FOLEY. The only way he could afford the expensive equipment he needed to shoot the massive amount of interviews was to rent it out to other producers who needed it. Then in 2005 Mopac Media began renting equipment owned by other people like Shane Kelly and Bradley Beasley to supplement the increasing demand for equipment.

Without knowing it, Mopac Media began an experiment and the experiment turned out a success. Shane and Bradley are still renting their equipment through Mopac Media and everyone has benefited from the arrangement. Their equipment continues to earn money for them and our customers have access to their equipment. Over the past few years, we've added even more equipment from other customers.

But the old website made it difficult to add equipment. So we're launching a new website. The website will improve with new features and our inventory will continue to grow in size and diversity.