Videography & Audio Recording Equipment Rental, Expendables and Production Services

Centrally Located just east of IH-35 in Austin, Texas at 1204 E. 31st St.

M-F 9AM-6....Sat 10AM-4.....Sunday, Afterhours and Delivery by appointment

Student discount is 10%. First-time renters may request a 15% discount. Ask about referral, repeat rental and documentary project discounts.

New to Austin? Visiting? There are 3 times a year--if your goal is to get around efficiently and get back out--which you may want to schedule around. The Austin Marathon happens in February on a Sunday and cuts a path through Austin during the day. SXSW happens for 3 weeks in March, and ACL Festival happens for 2 weekends in November. It's SXSW now and I'm not going out. "Agoraphobia" really means fear of enclosed spaces. I'm not sure what phobia fear of happy crowds is. Perhaps you'd like to be here and catch some shows and you love happy crowds. In that case, book early, sweeties.

We like sharing info about the best resources in town, so don't hesitate to call when you don't know where to start. We appreciate the opportunity to help plan and we like to meet new filmmakers and to learn about new projects and new gear. Invite yourself over. Visiting in advance of a rental allows you to rig everything and discover any compatibility issue, to update firmware or drivers and to collect any cables or adapters you might need ahead of the shoot.

Afterhours emergency? Call and press '2' for assistance.