VIDEOGRAPHY, AUDIO RECORDING EQUIPMENT RENTAL, EXPENDABLES, AND PRODUCTION SERVICES...Texas Native Woman Owned and Operated since 2013, continuously in operation since 1998, proud supporter of Outsider and No Idea Festivals. Outsider Festival starts February 14. No Idea Festival starts February 22. SXSW will be in March and that's going to just be the same as always...senseless.


314 E. Highland Mall Blvd., Ste 120, Austin TX 78752

The building is labelled ONE HIGHLAND CENTER and we're on the ground floor, end of the hall on the west side of the building. (On Saturdays, the building's doors are locked. Give a call when you arrive.)

Here's a map.


M-F 9AM-6PM ... Sat 10AM-4PM ... (Sunday, Afterhours and Delivery by appointment)


Student discount is 10%. First-time renters may request a 15% discount. Ask about referral, repeat rental and documentary project discounts.


We like sharing info about the best resources in town, so don't hesitate to call when you don't know where to start. We enjoy meeting filmmakers and learning about new projects and new gear! Invite yourself over. ALSO - visiting in advance of a rental allows you to rig everything and discover any compatibility issues, update firmware, and collect any cables or adapters you might need.

To set up a visit, call (512) 462-2000 or email: